The Massiliades

The Massiliades is a music festival created by the students of French engineering school École Centrale Marseille . It takes place in the city of Marseille , in the south-east of France .


  • 2008: First edition of the Massiliades, on Saturday May 5, at the Nautica.
  • 2009: Second edition on April 17, at the Espace Julien concert hall.
  • 2010: The third edition is held on March 27, still at the Espace Julien.


The main idea of ​​the mass media is to highlight the diversity of today’s music and its audience to gain access to musical genres that they did not understand, in the enjoyable context of Marseille’s spring time.


The Nautica, in the eighth district of Marseille. All along the afternoon, the listeners heard the creations of six amateur student bands, while looking at the Mediterranean sea from the restaurant’s terrace. One of those bands was rewarded with a studio recording session.

Around 10 PM, the French band SMOOF went on stage performing some kind of pop – and jazz – inspired reggae .

And then, after midnight, DJ’s animated a student party.


The second edition of the Massiliades was held on April 7, 2009, in a renowned concert hall in Marseille, the Espace Julien.

This time, the concept of a booster for amateur student bands has been abandoned, to improve the quality of the show, now that of professional bands, or bands that have already acquired a great experience, playing in other festivals or bars. Multiple musical genres were represented, including rock , rap , reggae , afrobeat , metal , folk , java and what the headline band The Leo Screams calls “caravanning”.

Concerts started at 7 pm on the great stage of Espace Julien. The first three groups to perform are Milska, Rom Buddy Band and Solat ‘, bands originated in southern French cities of Marseille and Montpellier .

The concert of Leo’s Screams, followed by Big Mama, started at 10 pm

Once the concerts were over, the night went on with the mix of French collective DJ Marabout Fonk System.


The third edition was held on March 27, 2010, at the same place, the Espace Julien concert hall.

The festival was held by the French band Standing on Zinc . Other acts performing this day were to include bands from Marseille, the electro-rock band RedLight and the ethno-jazz band Kabbalah, for the first time, a foreign band: pop-rock English act Crowne.

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