Spirit-John of Rome of Ardene

Spirit-John of Rome of Ardene (March 3, 1684, Marseille – March 27, 1748, Marseille aged 64 [1] ) was an 18th-century French fabulist .


Spirit-John of Rome of Ardene was the son of Honoré of Rome, Sieur d’Ardène, “commissioner of galleys and inspector of woods and forests of Provence” [2] who had the Château d’Ardène built in 1686 and Antoinette Leroy, daughter of Jean Leroy, advisor to the King and controller general of the Levantine Navy and the galleys of France . His younger brother, father John Paul of Rome of Ardene (1690-1769) was a well-known botanist and agronomist, author of several reference books. [3]


1747 sees the publication of the book Compendium of new fables, preceded by a speech about this kind of poetry [4] After Rome’s Spirit of John of Ardene died in 1748, his brother, father John Paul of Rome of Ardene , collected from various sources in order to compile and publish them. A few years later, in 1767, a Marseille editor, Jean Mossy, published the posthumous works of Monsieur d’Ardene, associated with the academy of the Belles-Lettres of Marseille in four volumes [5]


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