Research Institute for Development

The French Research Institute for Development ( French : Institute of Research for Development , IRD ) is a French science and technology establishment under the supervision seal of the French Ministries of Higher Education and Research and Foreign Affairs . It operates from its headquarters in Marseille , and two metropolitan centers of Montpellier and Bondy.

It was created as the Office of Scientific and Technical Research Overseas (ORSTOM) ‘in 1943.


The IRD institute has three main missions: research on world development, overseas consultancy and training.

It conducts scientific programs contributing to the sustainable development of the South, with an emphasis on the relationship between man and the environment.


The IRD’s scientific activities are organized by five departments:

  • Earth and Environment
  • Living Resources
  • Societies and Health
  • Expertise and consulting
  • Support and training

Associated people

A number of notable researchers are or have been associated with the Institute for Development Research, including:

  • Michel Luc – nematologist
  • André Briend – pediatric nutritionist
  • Jean Marie Bosser – botanist and agronomical engineer

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  • Official website
  • Videos from Canal IRD Web TV
  • IRD on-line scientific library (37,000 documents for downloading)

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