National Ballet of Marseille

The Ballet National de Marseille is an internationally acclaimed dance company based in Marseille , France. The company combines modern and classical dance. [1]


The National Ballet of Marseille was founded by the dancer and choreographer Roland Petit in 1972. [1] The company’s first production was the Pink Floyd Ballet. Roland Petit’s young daughter HAD Given _him_ a Pink Floyd album and _him_ Told he shoulds make a ballet from it. The idea matured, and the ballet eventually debuted in Marseille at the Palais des Sports. The band itself performed at the first show. Since then the Pink Floyd Ballet has been staged several times in cities around the world. [2] Under the name of Roland Petit, the company’s program included modern dance featuring Petit’s wife Zizi Jeanmaire , who became famous throughout France. [3]

In 1992 the National School of Dance of Marseille (Marseille National Higher School of Dance) was established. The company and the school were housed in a new 6,000 square meters (65,000 sq ft) building with a 300-seat theater and nine rehearsal studios, two of which are reserved for the company. The company has a staff of 70, of which half are dancers. The school has an intake of about 120 students each year, providing nine years of training in dance. [1]

Marie-Claude Pietragalla was appointed Director General of the company and of the school in March 1998, holding this position until 2004. [4] Frédéric Flamand was appointed artistic director in September 2004. Charleroi Dances in Belgium from 1991 to 2004 and made known in Belgium but also internationally. [5]


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