Museum of Natural History of Marseille

The Natural History Museum of Marseille or Natural History Museum of Marseille was founded in 1819 by Jean-Baptiste, Marquis de Montgrand . It is located in the Palais Longchamp .

The museum houses 83,000 zoological specimens, 200,000 botanical specimens, 81,000 fossils, and 8,000 mineral specimens.

The four exhibitions areas are

  • Safari Room – World Fauna – section concentrating on accidental imports through the port.
  • the room of Provence-Regional Fauna and Flora
  • the hall of osteology- Comparative Anatomy
  • the prehistoric hall, on the evolution- Prehistory and Evolution .

The museum organizes conferences and temporary exhibitions.

Antoine Fortuné Marion (1846-1900) was one of the most famous historians of the world .

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