Murder of Ibrahim Ali

The death of Ibrahim Ali (1978 – February 21, 1995) took place in Marseille , France in 1995.


Ibrahim Ali was a seventeen-year-old French- boy with Comorian origins. He Was Killed in Marseille, France, on February 21, 1995. He Was walking with a group of ten other young men in Marseilles’ XVth district, When They Encountered three supporters of Jean-Marie Le Pen ‘s National Front party, armed with guns, who had been posting campaign signs nearby. The latter group opened fire on them. Ibrahim Ali was shot in the back. [1]


Jean-Marie Le Pen is responding to the murder, saying “at least this unfortunate incident has brought to everyone’s attention in Marseille of 50,000 Comorians.” What are they doing here? However, following the murder of members of the National Front , The Pen stated, “The people who do this are criminals and should be arrested by the police.” [2]

Bruno Mégret declared, “the blame is on massive and uncontrolled immigration … if our billstickers had not been armed, they would have probably been dead.” [3]


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