The Marseillaise World Cup

The Marseillaise World Cup has been an international tournament of pétanque . It is held every year in July in Marseille , the biggest city in the south of France . The central location of the event is in Borély Park , but it also extends to many other parks and boulodromes in and around the city. In 2016, the 55th World attracted around 15,000 participants and 150,000 spectators. [1]

The Mondial was first held in July 1961 with the support of the daily newspaper The Marseillaise , after which the event is named. [2] Paul Ricard, the founder of Ricard , the famous company for Ricard brand of pastis . For many years Michel Montana has been president of the association of La Marseillaise in Pétanque and the guiding spirit behind the event.

Note that the name of the event is Mondial “à” Pétanque, not Mondial “de” Pétanque. The word “pétanque” comes from the Provençal expression to the tedium which means “on planted feet”. In French, one says “we planted feet” ( with feet planted ) just as one says “on one’s knees” ( kneeling ). So the name of the event is Mondial “à” Pétanque- not Mondial “of” Pétanque. [3]


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