Lycée Saint-Exupéry (Marseille)

Saint-Exupéry High School , nicknamed Saint-Ex , is a sixth-form college / senior high school in the 15th arrondissement of Marseille , France . [1]

As of 2013 the Saint-Exupéry area covers those of nine different junior high schools (colleges). [2]


It began construction in 1957, when there was a ” baby boom ” in the Marseille area. It was originally called North High School . [2]

In 2013 Sylvia Zappi of The World described the school as a ” ghetto high school “, saying that staff members used that name. [2]

That year teacher Franck Baillot said that only poor families waits for school; Zappi said that their families are trying to make the most of their children. As of 2013 40% of residents in the high school area who apply to go to sixth-form (senior) Affelnet  ( en ) procedure were assigned to Saint-Exupery, but the school only received 19% of the students who could have applied, based on previous year attendance in the corresponding high school zone. [2]

As of 2015 80 female students, making up about 5% of the student body, remove veils before going to classes. [3]

Teachers went on strike in 2016. [4]


It includes a boarding ( boarding ) facility. [5]

In 2008 a new wing was added to the building. [2]


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