Louis Blancard

Louis Blancard (September 22, 1831, Marseille – October 27, 1902, Marseille, aged 71) was a 19th-century French archivist and numismatist.

He was elected a member of the Academy of Marseille on April 18, 1861 [1] of which he would be perpetual secretary from 1889 until his death in 1902. [2]

Some works

  • 1861: Praise of Mr. Gabriel Jourdan, … Speech reception at the Imperial Academy of Marseille, pronounced … July 7, 1861
  • 1868: Louis Blancard. Essay on the coins of Charles I, Count of Provence (in French). Paris: JB Bookstore. From the mill.
  • 1884-85: Unpublished documents on the trade of Marseille in the Middle Ages: commercial contracts of the 13th century
  • 1882: Louis Blancard. The treasure of Auriol and the Negro gods of Greece (in French). Aix-en-Provence: Achille Makaire.
  • 1896: Of the simultaneous existence of Guillaume, Marie d’Arsinde, and Guillaume, Adelaide’s husband, Counts of Provence in the 10th century


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