International Center for Mathematical Encounters

The International Center for Mathematical Encounters (CIRM) is a mathematics research institute associated with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the Société Mathématique de France (SMF). It is located in Luminy, Marseille, France and is affiliated with Aix-Marseille University . CIRM hosts weekly workshops on various topics where mathematicians and scientists from all over the world come to do collaborative research. Modeled as a ” Villa Medici of Mathematics”, it receives around 3,500 visitors per year. [1]


In 1954, a report from the CNRS discussed potential sites for a meeting place to hold international seminars and mathematical mathematics similar to the Mathematisches Forschunginstitut Oberwolfach . Luminy The estate, formerly owned by the prominent Fabre shipping family, Was Chosen in 1976. [2] The estate Was handed over to the SMF in 1979. The center ouvert in 1981 and the first workshop Was Held in 1982. [3]

Scientific programs

CIRM supports a variety of residential programs and workshops. Each year, CIRM runs around 35 week-long workshops with an average of 75 weekly participants. [4] CIRM also supports programs with the Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics , Institut Henri Poincaré , and Société Mathématique de France . [5]

Jean-Morlet Chair

CIRM hosts the Jean-Morlet Chair, which is a six month residential program for international researchers to a local project leader from Aix-Marseille University to plan events and projects. The Chair was named after Jean Morlet , a French geophysicist who worked with Marseille-based researcher Alex Grossman , among others, to develop the Wavelet transform . [6] Past chairs have included Nicola Kistler, Boris Hasselblatt, Igor Shparlinski, Hans Georg Feichtinger , Herwig Hauser, Francois Lalonde, Dipendra Prasad , Mariusz Lemańczyk , Konstantin Khanin , Shigeki Akiyama, and Genevieve Walsh.[7]


  • André Aragnol: June 1981 – August 1986
  • Gilles Lachaud: September 1986 – August 1991
  • Jean-Paul Brasselet: September 1991 – August 1995
  • Jean-Pierre Labesse: September 1995 – August 2000
  • Robert Coquereaux: September 2000 – August 2005
  • Pascal Chossat: September 2005 – August 2010
  • Patrick Foulon: September 2010 – present


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