Henri Deluy

Henri Deluy (Born April 25, 1931 Marseille is a French poet . [1]

When Deluy was thirteen growing up in Aix-en-Provence he feels some of his poems to the local poet Blaise Cendrars . She answered by correcting some grammatical errors which served to Deluy. Five years later he interrupted his studies and hitchhiked England where he supported himself doing fruit-picking. He then decided to go to Sweden but while traveling through the Netherlands , he met his first wife and then he was in love with a new generation of ultra-modernist poets such as Adriaan Roland Holst . This proved to have a significant impact on his development as a writer.


  1. Jump up^ Henri Deluy (January 1996). Carnal Love: Poems . Sun & Moon Press. ISBN  978-1-55713-272-7 . One of the most noted of poets writing today, Henri Deluy explores the various aspects of love in this major collection of poetry, first published in French in 1994.

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