François Bazin (compose)

François Emmanuel Joseph Bazin ( pronounced [fʁɑ.swa ba.zɛ] ; 4 September 1816 in Marseille – 2 July 1878 in Paris) was a well-known French opera composer during the nineteenth century. His works are not widely performed today. quote needed ]


Bazin was a student of Daniel Auber at the Conservatoire de Paris . After completing his schooling there, Bazin later taught harmony at the Conservatoire. He was later succeeded by his own student Émile Durand . For his other pupils, See: List of music students by teacher: A to B # Francois Bazin .

At age 23, Bazin’s cantata Loyse of Monfort won the 1840 Prix ​​de Rome . The trip to China , which premiered at the Opera-Comique in Paris, is his best-known composition, and continued to appear well into the 20th century. Although his many light operas were popular during his lifetime, they are rarely staged today. A handful of arias are still performed, including “I think of you” from Master Pathelin recorded by Roberto Alagna .

Bazin died at age 61 while working in Paris.


Comic opera

  • The Trumpet of the Prince (Joubert and Melesville), 1846
  • The misfortune of being pretty (Desnoyers), 1847
  • The New Year’s Eve (Melesville and M. Masson), 1849
  • Madelon (Wild), 1852
  • Master Pathelin ( Leuven and Langle), 1856
  • The desperate (from Leuven and Langle), 1858
  • Marianne (Challamel) (unperformed)
  • The Journey to China (Labiche and Delacour), 1865
  • The bear and the pasha (Scribe and Saintine / JX Boniface), 1870


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