Euroméditerranée is an urban renewal project underway in Marseille to create a business district in the district of La Joliette .

The project was launched in 1995 with the initiative of Robert Vigouroux , Mayor of Marseille, and the State. The agreement for the establishment of a public agency of development was signed in 1994, [1] working on an area of ​​310 hectares. Since 2007, “Euroméditerranée Act 2” extended the scope to 170 more hectares. [2] This project is funded by the European Union, the State, the Regional Council, the Departemental Council, the urban community and the City of Marseille.

Among the achievements of Euroméditerranée is: the Docks renovation into offices, the renovation of the silo into a theater, the renovation of the Rue de la Republique, the construction of the CMA-CGM tower (33 floors, 147m tall). The budget of the project amounts to € 7 billion investment, of which € 5 billion of private investment.


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