Dominique Barrière

Dominique Barriere (c.1622-1678) was a French painter and engraver .


Barrier was born at Marseilles in about 1622. He was most likely in Rome, where he had a considerable number of plates, after Claude and other landscape painters, and other subjects. They are neatly etched in the manner of Stefano della Bella . He died in Rome in 1678. He sometimes signed his plate, Dominicus Barriere Massiliensis, and sometimes with the cipher which is the mark used by Domenico del Barbiere , and their mistakes are very different. [1]


His works include: [1]

  • Portrait of John of Valletta ; marked DB; scarce
  • A set of six landscapes
  • A set of 12 landscapes, dedicated to Lelio Orsini, 1651
  • Seven Views of the Villa Aldobrandini , 1649
  • A landscape, with the Zodiac, inscribed Vim profert ubi , etc.
  • A view of Frascati
  • Fontana maggiore nel Giardino of Tivoli , with his cipher
  • Eighty-four views and statues of Villa Pamphili .
  • Furnace, entitled Catafalco e apparato nella ehiesa , etc.
  • Sepulchral Monument of NL Plumbini , Dominicus Barriere Gallus, in. ex. of the. and scul.
  • Hercules , after a basso-rilievo in the Medicean Garden
  • A wide flat; entitled Circum Urbis Agonalibus , etc. with many figures, 1650
  • Several plates of the History of Apollo , after the pictures by Domenichino and Viola


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