The Marseillaise World Cup

The Marseillaise World Cup has been an international tournament of pétanque . It is held every year in July in Marseille , the biggest city in the south of France . The central location of the event is in Borély Park , but it also extends to many other parks and boulodromes in and around the city. In 2016, the 55th World attracted around 15,000 participants and 150,000 spectators. [1]

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Marseille-Cassis International Classic

The Marseille-Cassis International Classic is an annual half marathon which follows a race from Marseille to Cassis in France during the last weekend in October. It has the silver label of the IAAF Race Label Race Events and is thus among the most successful half marathon breeds in the world. First organized by the SCO Sainte-Marguerite sports club in 1979, the event has grown to a large international competition, with around 12,000 runners competing every year. [1]The course distance of 20.308 meters slightly short of the true half marathon distance (21.097.5 m). Since 2012, the race has been shortened by 308 meters so the total distance of the race has become exactly 20 kilometers. [2] Still, the race is made more difficult by a long 327 m climb up hill-the Col de la Gineste -at the midpoint of the race, which eventually follows back to the port of Cassis. [3] The annual race is usually held in the month of October.

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Marseille Provence XV

Marseille Provence XV is a defunct French rugby union club, founded in 2000. The team played at the Stade Roger Couderc in Marseille , France .

The club debuted in Federal 3 (third amateur division) in the 2000-01 season. They were promoted after the 2001-02 season to Federal 2, and went up again in 2003 to Federal 1, though they went back to Federal 2 for two seasons, they were promoted to Federal 1 for the 2006-07 season.

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Louis Vuitton Acts

The Louis Vuitton Acts were a series of International America’s Cup Class regattas leading up to the 2007 Louis Vuitton Cup and the 2007 America’s Cup . Thirteen regattas or acts were held in total. These contestants involved all the challengers plus the holder of the America’s Cup , Alinghi , and the winners to earn bonus points that went to the Louis Vuitton Cup . The 2004-2007 period was the first time this format had been used in America’s Cup racing.

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Robert Louis-Dreyfus Training Center

The Robert Louis-Dreyfus Training Center , commonly referred to, simply, as The Commandery , is the training ground and Academy base of French football club, Olympique Marseille . Located in Marseille , the center was officially opened in July 1991. [1] Called La Commanderie , the training ground was renamed in 2009 after the death of the owner of the club, Robert Louis-Dreyfus .

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