Marseille-Provence 2013

Marseille-Provence 2013 or MP2013 [1] was the year-long series of cultural events that took place in Marseille , France and the surrounding area to celebrate the territory’s designation as the European Capital of Culture for 2013. In total, there were more than 900 different cultural events that attracted more 11 million visits. [2] Marseille-Provence 2013 was an operating budget of approximately 100 million euros and more than 600 million euros in new cultural infrastructure was unveiled in 2013 [3] including the MuCEM designed by Rudy Ricciotti and the Mediterranean Sea conference center designed by Stefano Boeri. MP2013 was a key part of a larger, decades-long, multibillion-dollar development effort to revitalize the city. [4]

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Marseille soap

Marseille soap or Savon de Marseille is a traditional hard soap made from vegetable oils That has-been Produced around Marseille , France , for about 600 years. The first documented soapmaker Was Recorded there in about 1370. By 1688, Louis XIV Introduced regulations in the Edict of Colbert limiting the use of the name soap to olive oil based soaps. [1] The law has been made to be used.

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Marseille Festival of Documentary Film

Marseille International Film Festival (in French the International Film Festival of Marseille of FIDMarseille ) is a documentary Film Festival Held yearly since 1989 in Marseille , France . The festival awards grand prizes in international and national categories. [1] The 2009 competition featured 20 documentaries in the international category and 14 in the French category. [2]

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The wasteland

La Friche de la Belle de Mai or The Friche – in English The Fallow or The Wasteland – is a tobacco factory near the Saint-Charles station in Marseille , in the neighborhood of Belle de Mai . In 1992, it was converted into a cultural complex. Presenting itself as a “pole of authors,” the Wasteland focuses its efforts primarily on the creation and production of works. It hosts dozens of international artists in residence [1]and it contains over sixty artistic and cultural structures of all disciplines (theater, dance, music, contemporary art, radio). It is also a place of show and broadcasting, it contains 2 concert rooms (The random cabaret, 900 places, and the cardboard, 1,200 places), it hosted several times the electronic and urban music festival Marsatac . La Friche includes a restaurant, a nursery, a playground for children, a library, a local food market, a skate shop, a skate park, family and community gardens and two new theaters. The Mediterranean Institute of Show Crafts will open in 2014.

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Archaos (Circus Archaos) is a French contemporary circus [1] created by Pierrot Bidon in 1986. It began as an alternative, theatrical circus without animals, featuring dangerous stunts like chainsaw juggling, fire breathing , wall of death , etc. The company is considered a pioneer of the contemporary circus. Today, Archaos is based in Marseille , France and is a designated National Center for Circus Arts. Archaos is also the organizer of the International Biennale of Circus Arts , the world’s largest contemporary circus festival.

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