Art & Culture

Widely recognized as one of the main cultural centers of Western Europe, the French city of Marseille is full of fascinating art galleries and events. Historically, the position of the city at the edge of the ocean made it an important commercial link; now the azure Mediterranean Sea makes a dramatic backdrop to the culture and arts of the city.

The wasteland

Housed in the industrial shell of an old tobacco factory, La Friche functions as both a cultural place and a gallery. La Friche was created two decades ago and since then its 45,000 square meter gallery has hosted all kinds of contemporary and experimental art. The space has been the site of creation of various exhibitions and projects, with more than 150 000 visitors a year. The Friche looks more like a multi-faceted creative village than a standard gallery.

Fallow Beauty of May, 41 rue Jobin 13003 Marseille  , France  , 04 95 04 95 95


Anna-Tschopp Gallery

Since it opened in 2005, the Anna-Tschopp Gallery has operated according to two central principles. First, it aims to bring together nationally and internationally renowned artists with exciting growing practitioners in order to nurture and support the future of art in Marseille. The second principle is to focus on quality rather than quantity. The Anna-Tschopp Gallery only shows a work that its conservatives consider important and extraordinary. The gallery organizes “Focus” exhibitions, which are 10-day exhibitions of a specific artist’s work, whose goal is to give emerging artists a platform and present them to the Marseille art scene.

Anna-Tschopp Gallery, 197 rue Paradis, 13006 Marseille  , France  , +33 4 91 37 70 67

Detaille Gallery

The Detaille family who created the eponymous gallery Detaille has a history in the field of photography that dates back to 1897, when Nadar Detaille bought a workshop in Marseille. A congenital artistic tendency made the Gallerie Detaille remain in the family; Helen and Gérard Detaille now run the gallery on rue Marius Jauffret. The gallery exhibits aesthetic photographs that explore the world with a focus on the marriage of realism and poetry. The Gallery Detaille presents a range of historical and contemporary works, as well as famous and emerging works.

Galerie Detaille, 5 – 7 rue Marius Jauffret – 13008 Marseille  , France  , +33 4 91 53 43 46