Academy of Marseille

The Academy of Marseille , officially the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Marseille , is a French learned society based in Marseille . It was founded in 1726 and includes those in the city involved in the arts , letters , and sciences .


The Academy of Marseille was created by letters patent of Louis XV in August 1726, which stated in particular that the number of members would be limited to twenty. The founding document further stated that all twenty members must live in Marseille . However, Jean-Pierre Rigord said that Henri de Belsunce also be offered membership. This was rectified in 1730 when Joseph-Felix Gravier resigned from the Academy and was not replaced.

Founding Members

name Profession
1 Antoine-Louis of Chalamont of Visclède Writer
2 Claude-Mathieu Olivier Lawyer and poet
3 Jean-André Peyssonnel Doctor and naturalist
4 Charles Peyssonnel Lawyer
5 Paul Alexandre Dulard Poet
6 Felix Cary Numismatist and writer
7 Paul Augustin of Porrade Scholar
8 Marc Antoine Taxil Poet
9 Robineau’s stone Army commissioner
10 Jean-Baptiste Dupont (abbot) Abbot
11 Jean Joseph de Gérin Lieutenant General of the Admiralty
12 Joseph Felix de Gravier Lawyer
13 Balthazar Eymar gun
14 Joseph Louis of Vaccon Canon of the Marseille Cathedral
15 Thomas Le Fournier Priest of Abbey of St. Victor
16 Melchior de Croze Priest of Abbey of St. Victor
17 Charles Gaspard Guillaume Raffélis of Soissans Priest of Abbey of St. Victor
18 Jean-Baptiste Bertrand (doctor) Doctor
19 Hector Léonard de Sainte-Colombe, Bailiff of Aubépin Wing Chief
20 Henri de Belsunce Bishop of Marseille
21 Jean-Pierre Rigord Delegate of the intendant of Provence


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