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This page contains a list of events and exhibitions that are on in Marseille at the moment - most of these are events that run over a period of weeks or months.

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Palais du Pharo

disorderUntil 26 September you can see monumental sculpture in the gardens of the Palais du Pharo. Disorder (84 Arcs, désordre 2013) is a series of 12 steel sculptures 4 meters high and weighing 50 tonnes. The artist, Bernar Venet uses the light and shadow of the sun and the views from the gardens overlooking the Vieux Port and the sea to focus your view on the earth the sky and the architecture.

The entrance to the gardens is at 58 boulevard Charles Livon, buses 81 and 83 will get you there from the Vieux Port. Entry is free.

Musée des Beaux Arts, Palais Longchamp

Atelier du Midi13 June to 13 October Le Grand Atelier du Midi, The Musée des Beaux Arts reopens on 13 June with a major exhibition featuring artists who lived and practised their art in the Midi - the South of France reaching from Spain to Italy. It includes major works from artists from Van Gogh to Bonnard. There is a sister exhibition at the Musée Granet in Aix with artists from Cézanne to Matisse. If you buy a ticket for both exhibitions it costs 19€, a single exhibition is 11€. You can get tickets from the tourist offices in Marseille and Aix or the MP2013 website.

The Musée des Beaux Arts is at Palais Longchamp. The exhibition is open every day from 9am to 7pm with late opening on Thursdays until 11pm.

Digue du Large, Harbour Wall

Harbour WallThe Harbour Wall will be open to the public every weekend and public holiday between 25 May and 29 September. You can admire the sculpture of Kader Attia up close. There are free boats to take you there leaving from outside MuCEM from 10am to 8pm, weather permitting. If the wind is too strong there will be no boats.

Musée Cantini

Cesar 14 September to 5 January 2014, the Musée Cantini (19 Rue Grignan) is exhibiting the works of local sculptor, César. César used a variety of materials for his work, including bronze, plastic and polyurethene. The exhibition traces the development of his sculpture during his lifetime. Many of the works were given to the city by the artist.

The Musée Cantini also has a permanent exhibition of works by Picasso, Bacon, Giancometti and Matisse and an exhibition of photographs called "Le Pont Transbordeur" which show the transporter bridge that used to span the Vieux Port. Open Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 6pm. Entry 5€

Fondation Regards de Provence

Bernar-Venet-arcFondation Regards de Provence is now in its new venue at the old Station Sanitaire (on the road between the cathedral La Major and the Villa Méditerrannée). Until 6 October it has two exhibitions of the work of Bernar Venet, the sculptor whose huge works have occupied the garden of the Palais du Pharo all summer. There is also a permanent exhibition showing the evolution of the building from Station Sanitaire to art gallery.

Open every day 10am to 6pm (9pm on Fridays). 6€ entry.

Espace Culture

Christophe Fort

42 Canebiere, 13 September to 7 October: Christophe Fort, "13 years of pop art in 13", an exhibition of paintings, collage and posters. The exhibition is on the first floor, on the ground floor you'll find lots of information about events in and around Marseille.

Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 6:45pm. Entry is free.

Galerie Detaille

Jean-Christophe-Bechet20 June to 22 September "Marseille Intime" (intimate Marseille, or Marseille up close), Helene Detaille invited two photographers, Jean-Chrstophe Béchet (Marseille) and Pablo Guidal (Uruguay) to give their impressions through images of Marseille. This exhibition is the result.

Open Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 7pm.

The American Gallery

During 2013 the American Gallery will welcome 13 different exhibitions by artists from the contemporary art group La Planque. The exhibitions will last around 3 to 4 weeks and openings will be on the first Sunday of each new exhibition. The series starts with Pierre-Giles Chaussonnet (6 Jan), followed on 27 January by Yazid Oulab and thereafter by: Frédéric Clavere (17 Feb), Marie Bovo (10 Mar), Judith Bartolani (31 Mar), Lionel Scoccimaro (21 April), Marc Quer (12 May), Fred Sathal (2 Jun), a surprise (23 Jun), a collective exhibition (1 Sep), Cristof Yvoré (13 Oct), Pierre Malphettes (3 Nov) and Gerard Traquandi (24 Nov).

Le Corbusier et la question de brutalisme at J1

toit corbu From 11 October to 22 December. J1 is the hangar on the docks at La Joliette that is serving as an exhibition space during 2013. It reopens after a summer break on 11 October with an exhibition entitled "Le Corbusier et la question de Brutalisme". It reflects the research that Le Corbusier did between 1933 and 1965 and includes original works in pictures, sculpture lithograph etc as well as still and moving pictures that illustrate his art. Open Tuesday to Sunday 12noon to 6pm. Entry to J1 is free, entry to the exhibition is 10€


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