Marie-France Boyer

Marie-France Boyer (born 22 April 1938 [1] in Marseille) is a French actress, [2] [3] singer [4] and the author of many published non-fiction books on France. [5] [6] [7] She appeared from 1959 until 1976 in more than a dozen feature films and several TV shows.

During her career as actress she Worked with Many directors, Among Them François Villiers , Henri Verneuil , Agnes Varda , Riccardo Freda , Luc de Heusch , John Krish and Gilles Grangier .

Marie-France Boyer also had the female lead in the TV series Quentin Durward , playing Isabelle de Croye, whose fate becomes a subject of dispute between the Duke of Burgundy and the King of France. As a part of this role she also sings two medieval songs. Isabelle’s beauty and loveliness inspires the protagonist to surpass himself and when he is finally offered to be at the top of his career.


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