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Marseille City of Culture is a non-profit organization and we do not take paid advertising. However, we do like to let our readers know about other sites we have found that we think they might find interesting.

Whether you are planning to live in or to visit the Marseille, Provence area the following sites may be useful:

  • Angloinfo Provence is part of a worldwide network of sites that provide business listings, classified advertising and information and guidance on living in the region, all in English.
  • Destination Langues will help you with your French, whatever your level, in small and friendly classes. They also organize activities in and around Marseille so that you can get to know the area whilst improving your French. They are located in the centre of Marseille, close to Notre Dame de la Garde.
  • Marvellous Provence is an insider's guide to the most beautiful corner of France. It is an independent website that currently focuses on the areas around Marseille, Aix en Provence and Avignon. In time, it will be a complete travel guide to Provence.
  • Marseille Provence Greeters provide a different way of exploring the area. They are a network of volunteers who want to share their special knowledge of Marseille by offering accompanied walks with a difference. Each walk has a different theme, so you can, for example, discover the secret nightlife of the city, or find stairways with sea views, or explore the northern areas of the city. Some of the greeters speak English so no need to worry about understanding each other.
  • Provence Sun is a free regional magazine produced entirely in English. It aims to build bridges between the English speaking community and French culture. It offers cultural and practical articles to help you to discover more about life in the region. You can download it from the website or contact them at to find the nearest distribution point.
  • MAABN The Mediterranean Anglo American Business Network is exactly as its title suggests, a network of people and businesses that encourages Franco-British and Franco-American co-operation. It organises business and social events and its members include large companies as well as businesses run by individuals. It's a useful connection if you live and/or work in the Marseille/Aix area.
  • Peter the Portrait Painter is a UK based artist who paints portraits of people and animals. He normally visits to take photographs of the subject, but he can do portraits based on pictures that you send. They make very good surprise presents, wherever you live.
  • Italian Cultural Institute is exactly what you'd expect from the name. It's good source of information about what's happening in Marseille from an Italian perspective.


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