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Want to find out about food and drink in Marseille? Do you want to know where to get some good food in Marseille, traditional Marseillaise food, vegetarian food, the best fish soup, the best food market? Listed below are a few of our personal favourites.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something to do before or after your meal, why not look at our "what to do in Marseille" page.


Two important tips when eating in restaurants:

  • Note whether the prices advertised have the letters a p after them. This is short for à partir de, which means from. You could be charged quite a bit more than you expect for any little additions (e.g. choosing moules marinieres frites rather than plain moules frites.)
  • Note whether the price of fish is given by weight. It can make that lovely lobster very expensive.



A strong alcoholic, aniseed flavoured drink served with water. Made in Marseille. Probably the one most well known in Britain is Pernod. Here in Marseille there are many producers so you can compare and contrast, if you have the stamina. It is drunk mostly as an aperitif, best enjoyed in the sunshine.


Marseille's most famous dish. Bouillabaisse is a two course meal: fish soup followed by the fish that was used to make the soup. The number and type of fish vary according to the chef and what's available. Beware of cheap imitations.


Small hard biscuits shaped like little boats and often flavoured with orange. They are traditionally eaten after the candlemas procession on 2 February but are available all year.

Pieds et paquets

Roughly translated, tripe and trotters - not for the faint hearted, but we encourage you to give them a try. You'll find them in any restaurant that claims to do traditional local food.


The Vieux Port

The main tourist restaurant area is the Vieux Port and the squares behind it. The restaurants are of varying quality. We have had good meals and bad. Some we think worth a try are:

Le Miramar

12 Quai du Port - traditional white table cloth establishment, good bouillabaisse, a bit pricey.

Le Collins

42 Quai du Port - good traditional fare, fish of course.

La Chope d'Or

32 Quai de Port - good moules frites and the plat du jour that we tried was very tasty.

La Souk

98 Quai du Port - North African, couscous, tajine etc.

Chez Madie les Galinettes

Chez Madie, 138 Quai du Port, was recommended by a vegetarian friend, though it's not a veggie restaurant. We've tried it ourselves too and yes, it's good.

Just off the Vieux Port

Le 9.7.4 Restaurant and Tapas Bar

36 Rue Sainte Francoise, in the Panier area. If you're looking for something a bit spicy this is the place for you. It specailises in Reunionais, Caribbean, Comorian and Madagascan food and drink. As well as eating well you can buy some seriously spicy sauces and flavoured rums here. It's comfortable, it's not expensive and we like it a lot.

Le Carbone

22 Rue Sainte, behind Quai de Rive Neuf, running parallel to it. This is a reasonably priced restaurant with an imaginative menu and well prepared food. The atmosphere is cosy and friendly. It makes a very pleasant change from the standard fare in the Vieux Port area.

La Cantine

27 Cours Estienne d'Orves - behind the Quai de Rive Neuf, a good, varied menu.

La Khahena

2 Rue de la Republique - where it meets the Vieux Port. A Tunisian restaurant that serves fine couscous and sweets. Eat inside away from the traffic and admire the blue tiles and decor- no need to cross the Mediterranean for good North African food.

La Passerelle

52 Rue Fourmiguier - behind the Théâtre Criée. A little haven where the chef bases his food on what's available on the market and mediterranean traditions. Fresh and inventive.

A bit further afield

La Réserve

This restaurant is actually the restaurant for the Hotel Pullman Palm Beach in Marseille (200 Corniche Kennedy), but don't let that put you off. La Réserve offers a unique view, outstanding service and excellent food - the lunch time menu is also particularly good value for money.

La Folle Epoque

10 Place Felix Baret, is in the square in front of the Préfecture. They do the best hot chocolate in town and their meals are good too.

Le Lauracee

96 rue Grignan (if you walk up the steps from Cours Estienne D'Orves, rue Grignan is after rue Sainte, turn right and it's on your right). A small white table cloth restaurant, good food. They describe themselves as semi gastronomic. We like it.

La Table a Deniz

63 rue Sainte (the street that runs parallel to Cours Estienne D'Orves). Provides good food at reasonable prices (19€ for three courses in the evening) with a welcoming and attentive host. It's open lunchtime Monday to Friday and Friday and Saturday evening.

Notre Dame du Mont

The area around Notre Dame du Mont (metro 2) and Cours Julien is teaming with bars and restaurants. You can either wander around and try the one that takes your fancy or look at this personal guide, written by Kim Sapriel, who lives there. You can download it from here.

Needless to say we haven't tried them all but here are a couple that we like.

Les Pieds dans le Plat

7 Rue Pastoret, a good selection of well prepared food served in a friendly atmosphere. It has a small courtyard at the back so you can eat outside away from Cours Julien if you wish.

Le Goût des Choses

4 Place Notre Dame du Mont. This is a chef who takes care in the preparation and presentation of his food. Service is attentive and friendly and we have eaten well here. Traditional French food often with a little twist


Brasserie Le Massena Café

The Cantini Fountain is surrounded by places to eat. Most are acceptable but we'd definitely recommend the Massena Café. The service is friendly and the menu is varied, including sea food when in season.

The Cezar on the opposite side of the roundabout, is a cinema that shows films in VO (that's the original language, usually with French sub titles). Many of the films are US or English so you don't need to test your French to see the latest movies.

Avenue du Prado

Le Yen

60 Avenue du Prado, between Castellane and Perier metro stops. This is a Japanese restaurant with style. In a large former car salesroom you can watch your food being prepared. Despite its size it's not too noisy, the food is good and service friendly. It has been criticised for not having a menu in English but you cant have everything.


At 70 Avenue de Mazargues, close to the Vélodrome football stadium, Emilios is a particular favourite of ours. It's a small and welcoming Italian restaurant with good food and a deli. Metro Rond Point du Prado, bus 23, bus stop Grand Saint Giniez.

Le Ventre de l'Architecte

If you fancy splashing out a bit try this restaurant which is located in the le Corbusier Building (Bus 21 stop Michelet Le Corbusier). It's on the third floor (which is actually the sixth because the appartments are duplex). The view is tremendous and the food is good too.

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Bars and cafés

The Cup of Tea

If you've come over all English and you fancy a nice cup of tea, try "The Cup of Tea", 1 rue Caisserie, in the Panier behind the Quai du Port. It's a cosy tea room and bookshop with a range of teas for you to try.


The Fish Market

Marseille's main commercial fish market moved to Saumaty in 1976.  You can still buy fresh fish at the small daily fish market on the Vieux Port (Quai des Belges). Open most mornings (from about 8.00 am).

Marché des Capuchins

Metro line 2 Noailles, Monday to Saturday all day. It is mostly a food market - fruit, vegetables, fish, spices and great olives. You can shop in Marseille but with a North African atmosphere. A firm favourite.

Notre Dame du Mont Market

If you prefer organic (bio) food try Notre Dame du Mont market, Cours Julien (metro line 2) on Wednesdays 8.00 am to 1.00 pm. Good market. Good atmosphere.

Outside Marseille

Plan de Cuques Market

Our "out of town favourite" is the Plan de Cuques market (metro line 1 to La Rose then bus 142,143) Saturday 8.00 am to 1.00 pm. Here you'll find a food market and a clothes market. It's big, its varied and it is well worth a visit.

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