People from Marseille

Jane Hading

Jane Hading (25 November 1859 – 28 February 1941) [1] was a French actress . Her real name was Jeanne-Alfrédine Tréfouret . [2]

Yoni Dray

Yoni Dray (( Hebrew : יוני דרעי ), born March 17, 1987) [1] is an Israeli professional basketball player, He is a 1.78 m tall stitch guard . Dray currently plays with Ironi Nahariyafrom the Israeli Liga Leumit .

Maurice Dongier

Maurice Dongier is a Canadian neuropsychiatrist at the Douglas Hospital Research Center in Montreal , Quebec . He is a Knight (Knight) of the French Legion of Honor as a connoisseur of fine cooking. [1] Dongier is a founding member of the French Society of Psycho-Oncology [2] (French Society for Psycho-oncology ). [3]

Maurice Cam

Maurice Cam (1901-1974) was a French film director . He directed fourteen films between 1939 and 1967 as well as working as assistant director and other various jobs in the film industry.

Michel-Dimitri Calvocoressi

Michel-Dimitri Calvocoressi (2 October 1877 – 1 February 1944) was a multilingual music writer and critic who promoted Franz Liszt and Modest Mussorgsky .

Lucien Callamand

Lucien Callamand born Lucien Marie Pascal Eugene Callamand (April 1, 1888 in Marseille – December 3, 1968 in Nice , Alpes-Maritimes ) Was one of the Earliest French movie actors Whose career transcended 6 decades of French cinema .

Pierrette Caillol

Pierrette Caillol (1898-1991) was a French stage and film actress . [1] She was married to the writer-director Yvan Noé .

Fernand Cabrol

Fernand Cabrol (11 December 1855 – 4 June 1937) was a French theologian, Benedictine monk and noted writer on the history of Christian worship . [1] Cabrol was born in Marseille . He became a prior of St. Michael’s Abbey in Farnborough, Hampshire in 1896, and abbot in 1903. He is best known for being a co-founder of the Dictionary of Christian Archeology and Liturgy , together with Henri Leclercq .

Jean Cabannes

Jean Cabannes (b Marseille August 12, 1885 – St. Cyr-sur-Mer October 31, 1959) was a French physicist specializing in optics . From 1910 to 1914 Cabannes Worked in the laboratory of Charles Fabry in Marseille on the topic lancé by Lord Rayleigh at the end of the 19th century of how gas molecules diffused light . In 1914 he showed that pure gases could scatter light. Reviews This was published in Comptes Rendus in 1915. (Please see reference.)… read more »

Gaby Deslys

Gaby Deslys (born Marie-Elise-Gabrielle Cairo , November 4, 1881 – February 11, 1920) was a singer and actress of the early 20th century from Marseilles, France.It is an abbreviation of Gabrielle of the Lillies . During the 1910s She was exceedingly popular worldwide, making $ 4,000 a week in the United States alone. During the 1910s she Performed Several times we Broadway , at… read more »