History of Marseille

Marseille Metro

The Marseille Metro ( French : Métro de Marseille ) is a subway / rapid transit system serving the city of Marseille , in southern France . The Marseille Metro opened in 1977. As of 2013, the system included two lines, partly underground, serving 28 stations, with an overall route of 21.5 kilometers (13.4 mi). [1] The first line (Line 1) opened on November 26 1977. After the opening of… read more »

Claudius Marius Victorius

Claudius Marius Victorius (Victorinus gold or Victor) was a rhetor (ie a teacher and poet) of the fifth century CE from Marseille . He is known for a Latin poem on Genesis in hexameters and a letter to the Salomon abbot against the moral degradation of his age.

UEFA Euro 2016 riots

The UEFA Euro 2016 football championships in France saw several recorded instances of football hooliganism and related violence between fans, both at the venues where matches took place, and in cities at participating stadiums. The violence started immediately before the tournament, and involved clashes between several countries. Some of the rioting came from established gangs and football hooligan organizations, which deliberately intended to… read more »

Round up of Marseille

The Round up of Marseille (22-24 January 1943) took place in the Old Port of Marseille under the Vichy regime during the German occupation of France . Assisted by the French police , directed by René Bousquet , the Germans organized to raid to arrest Jewish people. The police checked the identity documents of 40,000 people, and the operation sent 2,000 Marseillese people first to Frejus , then to the camp of Royallieu near Compiegne , in the Northern… read more »

Rodeo (riot)

The rodeo Was a technical of rioting qui est devenu popular in France Beginning in 1981 Often associated with youth of North African descent, and the Lyon suburb of Minguettes. These riots belong to stealing cars, driving them in tight circles, and ultimately burning them. [1] Some reports indicate that they are stolen from more prosperous areas, and taken to depressed neighborhoods to be burned in… read more »

Murder of Christelle Bancourt

Christian Marletta was accused of rape, murder and dismemberment of Christelle Bancourt, a twelve-year-old girl, in Marseille . Marletta was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1985. He was released in 2006.

Marseille Transporter Bridge

The Marseilles transporter bridge , inaugurated in 1905 and destroyed in 1944, was a crossing of the Old Port of Marseille , designed by engineer Ferdinand Arnodin .

Great Plague of Marseille

The Great Plague of Marseilles was the last of the significant European outbreaks of bubonic plague . Arriving in Marseille , France in 1720, the disease killed 100,000 people in the city and the surrounding provinces. [1] However, Marseille quickly recovered from the plague outbreak. Economic activity took only a few years to recover, as did West Indies and Latin America. By 1765, the growing population was back… read more »

Gennadius of Massilia

Gennadius of Massilia (died 496), also known as Gennadius Scholasticus or Gennadius Massiliensis , was a 5th-century Christian priest and historian . His best-known work is De Viris Illustribus (“Of Famous Men”), a biography of over ninety-five contemporary Christians, which continued to work of the same name by Jerome .

Timeline of Marseille

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