Culture of Marseille

Keny Arkana

Keny Arkana ( French pronunciation: [keni aʁkana] ; born 20 December 1982 in Boulogne-Billancourt , Paris ) is an Argentine – French rapper who is active in the alter-globalization and civil disobedience movements. In 2004 she founded a collective music called The Rage of the People  ( fr ) , in the neighborhood of Noailles in Marseille .


Archaos (Circus Archaos) is a French contemporary circus [1] created by Pierrot Bidon in 1986. It began as an alternative, theatrical circus without animals, featuring dangerous stunts like chainsaw juggling, fire breathing , wall of death , etc. The company is considered a pioneer of the contemporary circus. Today, Archaos is based in Marseille , France and is a designated National Center for Circus Arts. Archaos is also the organizer of the International… read more »

Academy of Marseille

The Academy of Marseille , officially the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Marseille , is a French learned society based in Marseille . It was founded in 1726 and includes those in the city involved in the arts , letters , and sciences .