Books and films about Marseille

A selection of books and films about Marseille selected by ourselves, each with a brief review.

If you are an armchair traveller, if you like to spend your holiday reading, or if you just prefer to do your research before you arrive, we have selected some books and videos that we think will be of use to you. This is not a computer-generated list; we really have selected these books ourselves.

The links to the books and films we select are provided by Each time you buy something from we get a small sum that helps us to cover our running costs. See the Friends of Marseille City of Culture page for more details.

Books about Marseille

In comparison to other big cities, it seems that Marseille does not feature directly in many books - particularly if you are looking for books in English. So, to make your life easier, we have made a selection of books in English that are either about Marseille or that have a strong connection to Marseille. You should find enough here to keep you engaged for all but the longest holiday.

Films about Marseille

Marseille is a popular setting for films and television series, most of which are in French. As this is "a guide in English" we have made a selection of films about Marseille or set in Marseille that are either available in English or have versions with English subtitles. We hope you enjoy them.